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Home of Creative Psychology, Personal Coaching, Music…and much more.

This site is dedicated to the art of living creatively. Here you’ll find tools and resources for individuals and organizations that will help you achieve your goals for relationships, work and other pursuits.

Using the principles of Creative Psychology, as designed and taught by Mark Fromm, Ph.D. for over a decade, we offer psychotherapy tools, life coaching, and organizational consulting—all with the objective of helping you employ the art of human development.

For more information about this site's origins and purpose, please see the Message from Mark.

Here’s what you’ll find here, some now and some in the coming weeks:

For individuals:

  • Creative Personal Coaching
  • Daily Boost
  • Music
  • Therapy Theatre
  • Wish Winners
  • Resources/Links
  • Video/Audio
  • "Growing Yourself Up" Guidebook
  • Artist& Band Coaching

For therapists:

  • Personal Coaching Consultations
  • Articles
  • Therapist Forum
  • Therapist Chat
  • Resources/Links

For groups and organizations:

  • Consulting, Training, and Executive Coaching
  • Appearances (sometimes as “The Singing Psychologist”)


What Can
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Personal Life
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Dr. Mark Fromm

What is Creative Psychology?

First, it’s not meant especially for artists. It’s bringing the principles and practices artists use to the art of living, working, and loving. For individuals, it means learning through Creative Psychotherapy or Creative Life Coaching how to develop all the dimensions of who we are — mind, heart, body, spirit, relationships, work, and more. For therapists, Creative Psychotherapy is a holistic, integrated assessment and treatment planning model and a set of external methods and internal modes that can powerfully enhance the impact of your work with clients. For organizations, Organizational Consulting, Training, and Executive Coaching bring these principles to issues of leadership, team-building, conflict resolution, and creative envisioning of goals and the structures to carry them out.

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