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Living is an art form-- unfortunately, sometimes it’s a confusing post-modern one! Mark offers Personal Coaching sessions to support the development of your natural talents and capacities in areas such as relationships, family, work, creativity, and meaning/spirituality.

Difficult interpersonal communication dynamics between band members or artist, producer, or label personnel?
Struggling to find your confidence, vision, and voice as an artist?
Trying to integrate new people into your group or management team?
Feeling discouraged about the pace or results of your creative efforts?
Trying to balance life in the economic marketplace with perserving your life as an artist?

These and many other difficulties can go with the territory of being a musician, band, painter, actor, dancer, or any other kind of artist. Musicians, for instance, whether working as independent artists or signed to a record label, move through predictably challenging stages in their careers. Dr. Mark Fromm brings his expertise as a psychologist, personal coach, musical artist, and former music reviewer and disc jockey to help artists and bands successfully meet these challenges. He will evaluate, mediate, and provide practical suggestions to help get you back on the fast track toward your creative vision. Contact Dr. Fromm at (510) 482-6380 to confidentially discuss your situation.


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